A candidate for this position should have the ability to

  1. Take and manage clients’ instructions from commencement to conclusion.
  2. Conduct in-depth legal research and advise clients accordingly.
  3. Develop litigation strategies.
  4. Conduct trial preparation activities including witness preparation conference, gathering admissible evidence, preparing cross examination questions, and objections.
  5. Confidently represent clients and argue applications before any court or tribunal.
  6. Draft and review court processes including originating processes and pleadings, written addresses, interlocutory applications, appeal notices and briefs etc.
  7. Draft and review contract/legal documents including Wills, Service Level Agreements, Trust Deeds, Concession Agreements and Deed of Assignment.
  8. Demonstrate detailed knowledge/experience on commercial transactions (including, but not limited to general knowledge of Company Law, mergers & acquisitions, legal due diligence process Corporate Restructuring, business set up and advisory, Corporate governance, compliance practice, and Company Secretarial.
  9. Provide Legal opinions and advisory.
  10. Procure letters of administration, Governor’s consent on behalf of clients.
  11. Liaise with regulators and government officials on different transactions.
  12. Provide prompt and regular updates to clients on the status of their brief.
  13. Perform any other task assigned by the Supervisor.